Annual Fund

For over a century the SLA has been at the forefront of protecting Squam Lake and the surrounding watershed. Our dedicated members, donors and volunteers make that possible, and we are deeply grateful for your support! Gifts to the SLA Annual Fund are an investment in our environment and our future. Donations make it possible to carry out SLA's core mission and implement our services and programs.Please help us continue to accomplish this important work by making a gift this year. 

What we did in 2017:

Your involvement and support has had an incredible impact, and we are deeply grateful for each and every person who shares the love for this very special place. For over a century, our work together has made a significant difference in the health of our lake and surrounding areas, and there is much to celebrate as we review our successes of the past year and look to the near future.

•    SLA has become increasingly successful in eradicating milfoil from Squam. Our work has become a model of milfoil mitigation efforts, and we have shared what we have learned with other watersheds around the state.

•    Along with collaborative partners and volunteers, another year of successful water quality monitoring has been completed. We will focus on year-round monitoring for the coming year with active, responsive efforts, as well as sediment-based testing.

•    We piloted the ten-person Squam Conservation Internship (SCI) and plan to transform the program to a year-round conservation team that will drive our mission forward. This group will tackle terrestrial and aquatic invasive species removal, build new hiking trails, improve the existing trail network, monitor more water quality sites around the shore and tributaries, and support the completion of the Squam Watershed Plan. This new program enhances our understanding of water quality dynamics, develops conservation leaders, and protects this special place from lake to summit to sky.

•    We commit to low impact use in all ways, and educate our community and the general public about how to love and experience Squam in an engaging yet sustainable way.

We need your support to do this important work. Please consider making a donation to our annual fund this fall.  Your gift will allow us to enhance our mission-focused work of science-based conservation, educational outreach, watershed wellness active responsiveness, and to provide and monitor respectful access throughout the region. 

Please join us in conserving Squam for the present and for the future. We look forward to seeing you on the lake!

Thank you for your support!