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FUN Activities to do while HIKING!

  • Celebrate the return of the birds this spring by sharpening your bird-watching and identification skills
  • Keep a log of the different animal tracks you see on your hike
  • Hone your nature photography skills. Take some good pictures? Share them with us!
  • Go on a nature scavenger hunt
  • Start a nature journal! Find a scenic spot and get your creativity flowing with the following prompts: "I wonder...", "I notice...", or "This reminds me of..."

Start your own Duck, Duck, Goose count!

Lakes Region Conservation Corps member, Grace, walks us through the SLA's Duck, Duck, Goose count. Join us by counting the waterfowl in your own backyard or nearby ponds!

Click here to watch the video.

Share your duck counts or a video/picture of you taking a count with us!


Hemlock Holmes: Become an Evergreen Detective!

Try to identify some of the trees you admire around your property or on your favorite woods walk. Show off your detective skills by posting a photo of your detective crew and a tree with your ID to Facebook or Instagram with the tag #ShareLearnAdventure and you may be featured on our social media! Inspire others to get outside and get to know their tree neighbors a little bit better!

Click here for your tree sleuthing guide

     Make Your Own Origami Moose!

    Lakes Region Conservation Corps member, Nick, demonstrates the step-by-step instructions to create your own paper moose! All you need is a square piece of paper. 

    Click here to watch the video.

    Click here for printed instructions.

    Share a picture of your moose on Facebook or Instragram with the tag #ShareLearnAdventure​!


    What is a Watershed? 

    Do you live in a watershed? Trick question: everyone lives in a watershed!

    Join the SLA’s LRCC member Dani to learn more about watersheds and why they're important. Besides providing key habitat for wildlife and recreation opportunities for people, watersheds are extremely important for water quality. It’s important to protect them! Each watershed is connected to another in some way, as each one funnels water to the next until they ultimately reach the ocean.

    Watersheds aren’t just important for the river or lake they feed in to: they can also impact the health of the ocean! Are you interested in learning more about the marine side of things? Ocean Exploration Trust’s Education Resources offers free access to a series of STEM Learning Modules about marine science. You can click here to register, it’s free! 

    Click here to watch the video

    Share one action that you can take to protect your watershed by using the tag #ShareLearnAdventure on Facebook or Instagram!


    Intro to Birdwatching With Moses!

    There are countless different bird species that migrate here each year, and while a lot of birds call Squam Lakes their home, their numbers dwindle year to year. It is important to take a second, slow down, and figure out which ones share this world with us. 

    Click here to watch the video.

    This video is meant to make you laugh and hopefully get you inspired to go birding! There are so many things to learn, and maybe you too could make a video about your birding experience. We’d love to see it! Use the hashtag #ShareLearnAdventure to show us your in-home activities or outings. And don’t forget to have a Squamtastic time! View Moses' nature journal and more birding resources here. 


    Treemendous Tree Essay Contest!

    Get outside, get to know a tree, and get creative! For a chance to have your work featured on our website and social media, enter your essay in the SLA Treemendous Tree Essay Contest. 

    Hear more about this essay contest from LRCC Maggy

    The deadline for submitting your essay is April 15th. All ages are welcome to participate! 

    Find details, resources, prompts, and helpful tips for writing your essay here. 

    Submit your essay by emailing a copy to Share photos of yourself while researching and/or writing by using the tag #ShareLearnAdventure on Facebook or Instagram.  



    Design Your Own Nature Art Nouveau Masterpiece!

    Art Nouveau is a nature-inspired art style that became popular around the turn of the 20th century. Based on symmetry and repeating patterns, this is beautiful style that's easy to recreate in your own designs!

    Click here for an introduction to and examples of Art Nouveau.

    Follow Micaela's step-by-step instructions in this video to create your own designs

    Share your Art Nouveau designs by using the tag #ShareLearnAdventure on Facebook or Instagram, or by sending pictures to


    Bittersweet Basket Weaving! 

    This edition of Share Learn Adventure deals with one of New Hampshire's notorious invasive plants and how you can use it for good!

    The Squam Lakes Association spends a great deal of time and effort improving the natural beauty and overall health of the watershed by removing invasive plants from our waters and forests, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun while we’re at it!

    Read this introduction before you start! 

    Click here to watch Elijah's video

    Remember to share your basket by using the tag #ShareLearnAdventure! 


    How Was Squam Lake Formed? 

    Have you ever wondered how the Squam Lakes came to be? Have they always been here? Looking out across the lake from West Rattlesnake feels a little different once you understand the incredible natural forces that contributed to the creation of this landscape.

    Click here to join LRCC member Grace to learn about glacial lake formation and complete an activity that will help you visualize glacial movement!

    Here are written instructions for the playdough glacier activity along with extra resources from Montana State University Everest Education Expedition.

    Share a photo of you hiking and contemplating glacial activity OR a photo of your playdough landscape affected by glaciers and tag the SLA using the hashtag #ShareLearnAdventure!


    Leaf Printing: Add Natural Flair to your Clothes! 

    Leaf printing is a great, easy way to spruce up your wardrobe, curtains, and tablecloths! Click here to watch the video for a tutorial. Remember to let your projects dry for at least 15-30 minutes before moving them into a laundry bag.  Wash on the fabric’s normal cycle, and viola! 

    Click here for more detailed written instructions

    Remember to share your prints by using the tag #ShareLearnAdventure! 


    What Can Bark Tell You About a Tree's Health & History?

    It’s spring, the lake is open, and the bugs aren’t out yet! What better time to get out and start reconnecting with the natural world as creatures great and small wind up for the explosion of energy these longer days bring. As you paddle or hike, take some time to slow down and pay attention to the routine, annual, and totally epic stories of the outdoors as they unfold around you.

    Explore a tree’s bark and notice the lichen, moss, and/or fungus who might call it home. While doing trail work on the Crawford Ridgepole Trail last week we took a second to slow down and examine a beech tree. What we found was pretty cool – check it out by watching this video!

    Learn more about Beech Bark Disease here

    Share a photo of you exploring the bark in your backyard with the tag #ShareLearnAdventure on Facebook or Instagram, or by sending pictures to


    Freshwater Macroinvertebrates: Discover Who Lives in Your Lakes and Streams!

    Here at the Squam Lakes Association, we closely monitor the water quality of our lakes and streams. One of the best ways to determine the health of a stream is to look at the invertebrates that live in it.

    Join LRCC members Nick and Moses as they demonstrate how to find animals in streams, so that you too can look for the cool critters that crawl underwater! Watch the video here.


    • Rubber Boots or Waders
    • A Fine-mesh Net
    • Tweezers/Forceps
    • A macroinvertebrate guide (see links below) 

    Click here for a Macroinvertebrate Assessment Guide created by Stroud Water Research Center.

    Click here for a Key to Macroinvertebrates created by the University of Wisconsin.

    Be sure to share pictures of any critters you find and use the hashtag #ShareLearnAdventure!


    Leaf-Out Timelapse & Phenology!

    One of the most magical natural processes is almost upon us: leaf-out! Soon the hills will be bright green thanks to all the new baby leaves emerging from their buds. The study of the timing of annual natural phenomena, like leaf-out, is called ‘phenology.’ This year, start to look a little closer at the leaves around you!

    Find a tree near your house and take a picture of the bud every day. Soon you will have a timelapse documenting the amazing transformation from bud to leaf. Watch this video to learn a little bit more about phenology, why it’s important, and see a few examples of leaf-out (and flower-out) timelapses.

    Here is a document with more information about leaf-out from the National Phenology Network

    The NPN is a group that collaborates with scientists, organizations, and citizen scientists to collect data that documents phenological change across the country. This data informs us how ecosystems might be affected due to warming temperatures and earlier leaf-out. Check out the NPN homepage for great animations tracking the onset of spring plus a plethora of other information.

    Share your timelapse with the SLA crew on social media using the hashtag #ShareLearnAdventure!


    Take a Virtual Paddle Tour of the SLA's Cove! 

    Join us for a relaxing paddle through the Squam Lakes Association's cove as you de-stress with the natural sounds of our lake. Watch the video here. 

    Share ways you de-stress in nature by posting on Facebook or Instagram with the tag #ShareLearnAdventure.



    Make a Cloud in a Jar!

    Ever wonder where the sun goes during these spring days? What’s up with clouds anyway? Today on #ShareLearnAdventure, we demonstrate how clouds form. This is a great activity to help visualize how air temperatures affect more than just how warm or cold it is outside. Watch the video here! 

    Make your own cloud in a jar and send us a video or a reaction to it! Remember to tag it with #ShareLearnAdventure

    Materials: Jar, metal covering (this can be a lid or a pie tin or whatever you can find), ice, boiling water, and hair spray.

    Step 1: Pour boiling water into the jar

    Step 2: Cover jar with lid

    Step 3: Add ice to jar and wait 10-15 seconds

    Step 4: Remove lid and add one spritz of hair spray. Replace lid immediately

    Step 5: Wait 20 seconds, remove the lid, and watch your cloud float out of the jar!


    Build a Bug Hotel! 

    Ever wanted to channel your inner concierge?  Spring is the perfect time to introduce a bug hotel into your yard!  Providing habitats for insects is a foolproof way to keep your yard and garden healthy and lively.  Check out the video here to see how it's done and be sure to take a look at the resources we've posted: 

    Bug hotels: Resource 1Resource 2 

    Insect ID: Bugs in NHGallery and Guide, Farm and Garden Helpers

    Share pictures of your bug hotel and your first hotel guests using the tag #ShareLearnAdventure


    Nature Books & Bookmarks!

    Are you a book lover? How about a nature lover? Let’s combine these two passions! Check out LRCC member Grace's video to learn about our new SLA community environmental book list and to discover how to make your very own nature bookmark. Grace has created a Google spreadsheet (link below) with some of her favorite environmental books, and she hopes all of you will add some of your own favorites to the list. And you’ll definitely need some bookmarks to go with all of your new reading material, so why not make one using flowers and leaves?! Written instructions for creating your own nature bookmark can be found here. 

    If you are interested in an SLA-run environmental book club, email Grace at

    Click here to access the SLA community booklist!

    If you care about keeping local bookstores open and if you have the means, call your bookstore to see if they are taking orders for curbside pickup or delivery! Here are links to Bayswater Books in Center Harbor and Innisfree Bookshop in Meredith

    Share your bookmarks with us on social media using #ShareLearnAdventure! 


    Duck, Duck, GOOSE Count - Part 2!

    Check in on the waterfowl in the cove! An assortment of ducks and geese are busy chowing down on aquatic plants, invertebrates, and mollusks to fuel their migrations further north, scrapping over territories, or just trying to find a nice quiet place for a nest. Today on #ShareLearnAdventure we look back on the last month of waterfowl sightings. What waterfowl have you seen so far this spring? Watch the video here! 

    More birdwatching resources here.

    Read about the impacts of feeding birds here and when (if ever) it's okay to feed them here


    See (and hear) a Sunset on Squam!

    Take a moment to relax with a virtual sunset on Squam! Watch the video here.

    In case you missed it, here is a video of the beautiful sunset we had over Piper Cove on Saturday (4/25). Dusk is the perfect time to listen to the wildlife singing. What kinds of creatures can you hear in the background? WARNING: you might want to turn your volume down because the frog chorus really wants to be heard!



    Backyard Exploration! 

    It’s easy to sit at home and pine after the stunning vistas and otherworldly wildlife of the Planet Earth series. Do not let this blind you to the beauty and intrigue awaiting discovery in your own backyard! Join us for a virtual backyard exploration that will inspire you to reacquaint yourself with the life right under your nose. Watch the video here. Share your own backyard findings on social media using #ShareLearnAdventure.

    Here are some great backyard exploration resources:

    Tips for starting a nature journal- great for all ages and this practice will help you look closely at what is around you! 

    National Wildlife Federation tips for making your yard wildlife-friendly

    Backyard exploration activities with kids. 

    Audubon tips for a garden friendly to the wildlife and your wallet. 


    Wood Duck Boxes!

    Ever wonder what those tall wooden boxes along the water are? Join us as LRCC member Elijah sets up nesting boxes and chats about the life history and conservation story of Wood Ducks on this “ShareLearnAdventure! Watch the video here.

    One of North America’s most recognizable and beloved waterfowl, the Wood Duck is an early example of a wildlife management success story. By the late 1800’s/early 1900’s these charismatic birds had nearly disappeared from our woods and waters, yet today they’re one of the most widespread duck species, showing up in wooded wetlands all across the country.

    More information on Wood Ducks & how to set up your own 

    Watch new ducklings jump from their nest 50 feet in the air! 


    Explore the Signs of Spring!

    Have you noticed the changes in your backyard recently? Spring is here and it shows; no wonder people love to write poems about it! What are your favorite signs of the start of spring? Watch the video here. 

    Share your own spring-inspired poems by using the tag #ShareLearnAdventure!


    A Rainy Day in the Woods! 

    Take a deep breath and enjoy the soothing sights and sounds of a spring rainstorm in a forest filled with new leaves. We often cancel outdoor plans because of rain, but being out in the rain can be wonderful! (Remember to be safe). Watch the video here! Next time it rains consider exploring in your backyard, checking out the nearby woods, or walking down your street. #ShareLearnAdventure

    If you are itching for a fun and meaningful DIY project, check out Soak Up the Rain NH’s fact sheet about rain barrels. Installing a rain barrel can reduce stormwater runoff into our lakes and can provide you with water for your garden. 

    Get the Dirt on Composting!

    Let’s break down the mysteries of compost! (Get it? Decomposition joke!) Watch the video here. Join LRCC member Grace to discover what’s going on inside a compost pile in the first half of this video. In the second half, Grace will show you how she built her budget-friendly and beginner-friendly compost bin out of wooden pallets! 

    Here are some extra resources if you are excited about compost:

    NHPR Conversation on Composting (from 2018)

    NH DES composting flier

    Background composting information from Cornell Composting

    Home composting tips

    Nest Check! 

    Nest Check! Tag along on a visit to a Canada goose nest here in the wetlands of Piper Cove! Remember, don’t approach an active nest as it can be dangerous for the wildlife and for you if the parents become aggressive. Watch the video here.

    Do you have any birds nesting near your home? See if you can tell what their nest is made of! #ShareLearnAdventure





    Goldsworthy Creations! 

    Andy Goldsworthy, an enigmatic bloke hailing from Scotland, challenges traditional art mediums and creates site-specific art pieces using found natural materials - sticks, rocks, leaves, logs, moss. Luckily, it’s easy and fun to make your own Goldsworthy style creations and discover new frames to view the natural world through!

    Head out to the woods to get close to the natural world and embrace your artistic side. Watch this video of LRCC member Elijah making his creations in Belknap Woods. Show us what you come up with! Learn more about Andy and his work here or check out some of his books from the Holderness Free Library. His films “Rivers and Tides” and “Lean into the Wind” are available to stream online and do a great job of documenting the many little successes and failures that go into creating art. 



    Balcony Birding! 

    Inspired by a previous Share, Learn, Adventure post “Intro to Birdwatching with Moses” SLA’s Director of Education, Leigh Ann Reynolds, has been taking photos of the birds outside her windows and off her balcony! Watch the video here. 

    How many of the birds can you ID? All About Birds is a great online field guide. What birds are you seeing outside your window? Share your photos and videos with us via Facebook, Instagram or by email. Remember to use #ShareLearnAdventure Happy Birding! Click here to see the balcony birds identified.




    Rain Gardens! 

    Welcome to your 5-minute crash course on rain gardens! Learn about why we want to reduce stormwater runoff and how rain gardens can help. This is something anyone can do on their property to take action to improve the water quality of the streams, rivers, and lakes that we love! Watch Grace's video here!

    Want to start your own rain garden? Click here for more resources and to learn more about how rain gardens can prevent flooding.