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Share Learn Adventure

A collection of videos, photos, activities, games, and prompts that inspire people to engage with, learn about, and explore a variety of nature topics. A place to connect and share ideas! The SLA adds content to this webpage frequently so bookmark it and check back often. 

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FUN Activities to do while HIKING!

  • Celebrate the return of the birds this spring by sharpening your bird-watching and identification skills
  • Keep a log of the different animal tracks you see on your hike
  • Hone your nature photography skills. Take some good pictures? Share them with us!
  • Go on a nature scavenger hunt
  • Start a nature journal! Find a scenic spot and get your creativity flowing with the following prompts: "I wonder...", "I notice...", or "This reminds me of..."

Start your own Duck, Duck, Goose count!

Lakes Region Conservation Corps member, Grace, walks us through the SLA's Duck, Duck, Goose count. Join us by counting the waterfowl in your own backyard or nearby ponds!

Click here to watch the video.

Share your duck counts or a video/picture of you taking a count with us!


Hemlock Holmes: Become an Evergreen Detective!

Try to identify some of the trees you admire around your property or on your favorite woods walk. Show off your detective skills by posting a photo of your detective crew and a tree with your ID to Facebook or Instagram with the tag #ShareLearnAdventure and you may be featured on our social media! Inspire others to get outside and get to know their tree neighbors a little bit better!

Click here for your tree sleuthing guide

     Make Your Own Origami Moose!

    Lakes Region Conservation Corps member, Nick, demonstrates the step-by-step instructions to create your own paper moose! All you need is a square piece of paper. 

    Click here to watch the video.

    Click here for printed instructions.

    Share a picture of your moose on Facebook or Instragram with the tag #ShareLearnAdventure​!


    What is a Watershed? 

    Do you live in a watershed? Trick question: everyone lives in a watershed!

    Join the SLA’s LRCC member Dani to learn more about watersheds and why they're important. Besides providing key habitat for wildlife and recreation opportunities for people, watersheds are extremely important for water quality. It’s important to protect them! Each watershed is connected to another in some way, as each one funnels water to the next until they ultimately reach the ocean.

    Watersheds aren’t just important for the river or lake they feed in to: they can also impact the health of the ocean! Are you interested in learning more about the marine side of things? Ocean Exploration Trust’s Education Resources offers free access to a series of STEM Learning Modules about marine science. You can click here to register, it’s free! 

    Click here to watch the video

    Share one action that you can take to protect your watershed by using the tag #ShareLearnAdventure on Facebook or Instagram!

    Intro to Birdwatching With Moses!

    There are countless different bird species that migrate here each year, and while a lot of birds call Squam Lakes their home, their numbers dwindle year to year. It is important to take a second, slow down, and figure out which ones share this world with us. 

    Click here to watch the video.

    This video is meant to make you laugh and hopefully get you inspired to go birding! There are so many things to learn, and maybe you too could make a video about your birding experience. We’d love to see it! Use the hashtag #ShareLearnAdventure to show us your in-home activities or outings. And don’t forget to have a Squamtastic time!