The Squam Lakes Association offers educational programs for all ages. We strive to provide information, activities and experiences that enable people to discover the Squam Watershed and deepen their connections to the environment. Through these experiences here on Squam we hope that everyone will be able to make informed choices to act in a more sustainable way and thereby support the conservation of nature and natural resources as a whole. 


  • JSLA The Junior Squam Lakes Association held during the summer each year is an excellent entry to outdoor skills, community building, and conservation on Squam and Beyond.
  • CYSP : Community Youth Sailing Program is our renowned instructional program for young sailors which starts at the basic level and builds up to racing skills.
  • Adventure Vacation Camps: Our Adventure Vacation Camps encourage youth to explore Squam in the winter & spring and to develop new outdoor skills.

Community Sailing Program: Throughout the year the Squam Lakes Association offers ways for sailors to connect, strengthen their skills, and enjoy the sport of sailing.

GROUP PROGRAMS : Catered to the needs of the organization we are working with, these can include science based programming to conservation, to recreation and adventure.

FAMILY & ADULT PROGRAMS : We offer a variety of opportunities that include sailing, hiking, nature inspired art, fly fishing and much more!