Squam Ridge Race 2020

Saturday, September 19, 2020 - 6:00am to Sunday, October 4, 2020 - 6:00pm

8th Annual (Virtual) Squam Ridge Race 

The 8th Annual (Virtual) Squam Ridge Race is now over! Thank you to all who participated! Official results posted below. We will be emailing those who purchased and won shirts in the next week. Photo contest winners will be announced by Friday. 

Official Results (updated 10/6/2020 @ 10:00 PM):

Click here to view the competitive times. 

Click here to view the top overall finishers and the top finishers for each gender/age category.

Click here to view the NON-competitive times.


Thank you to the Webster Family (Webster Land Corp and Burleigh Land Limited Partnership) for the event location and trail access providing hiking enjoyment for everyone for the race and all year long. 

We are excited to announce that we are hosting a virtual 8th Annual Squam Ridge Race this year! Runners and hikers can choose to participate competitively or for fun between 6 AM Saturday, September 19 and 6 PM Sunday, October 4. The course will be the same as previous years. A map of the 12-mile course can be viewed here. In addition to awarding prizes to the overall top three finishers for both the male and female categories and for each age group, we are also awarding prizes for the top three photos taken while running or hiking the course! 

How do I register?

Registration is $25 for both the 12-mile and 3-mile race and can be paid by clicking here or at the starting line using the QR code on the posted sign. We recommend that you register before going to the race site. With registration you will receive a 2020 Squam Ridge Race sticker, a copy of the 2019 updated SLA trail guide and map, a paper copy of the race course, and a parking pass. These materials must be picked up in-person from the SLA headquarters at 534 US Route 3, Holderness, NH. Please call 603-968-7336 or email ridgerace2020@squamlakes.org in advance to schedule a pick-up time (reminder the SLA is closed on weekends -schedule accordingly). All proceeds from the Squam Ridge Race go back into maintaining the trails in the Squam Lakes watershed.


How do I track and report my time for the 12-mile race?

Information for Competitive Participants: We will award prizes to the overall top three finishing times for both the male and female categories AND the top three finishing times for each age group for both the male and female categories in the 12-mile race.* No prizes will be awarded for the 3-mile race. For your time to be accepted you must be registered for the race. Register here or at the starting line using the QR code on the sign. If you are running the course competitively you will need to use the Strava application. Only times reported through Strava will be considered. Please note that the intention is for you to run the race once, therefore your first time logged by date on Strava will be the time that is considered competitive. For those unfamiliar with Strava, see below for instructions on how to use Strava. Please make sure you are following the exact course if you hope to report your time, click here to view a course map and a map of the course finish/start and click here to view the segment in Strava.** We recognize that Strava can occasionally glitch due to interrupted signals or slight variations in the route, unfortunately we cannot account for these issues and will not accept competitive times that are not recorded in Strava due to such issues. If this occurs, you can still report your time to ridgerace2020@squamlakes.org to be posted in the non-competitive results.

*The age categories are 15 & under; 16-19; 20-29; 30-39; 40-49; 50-59; 60-69; 70+

**We recognize that the Strava map indicates that the course is 11.5 miles, not 12 miles. Depending on the tracking methods used the mileage does differ slightly. 

Information of Non-competitive Participants: If you are running or hiking the course without the desire to be competitive you do not need to use the Strava application. If you are tracking your time via a different application or on a watch, you can simply take a picture or screenshot of your time and email the photo or screenshot along with your name to ridgerace2020@squamlakes.org. These times will be posted as non-competitive results on the Squam Ridge Race page on the SLA's website.


What information do I need to know about the 3-mile race?

The 3-mile race is non-competitive. The course is a 3-mile race instead of a 4-mile race so as not to confuse runners of the 12-mile race. The course is almost the same as the 4-mile race from previous years, the only difference is it does not circumvent the cow pasture. You can view a map of this year’s 3-mile race here. Participants in the 3-mile race are welcome to participate in the photo contest and are encouraged their non-competitive race time at ridgerace2020@squamlakes.org.


What do the top three finishers overall and for each age group in the male and female categories receive?

The top three overall/age group male and female finishers for the 12-mile race will receive a wood-cookie medal indicating their finishing place and a limited edition 2020 Squam Ridge Race t-shirt. The overall first place finishers for male and female categories will receive free registration for the 2021 Squam Ridge Race. All prizes will be mailed or available for pick-up towards the end of October as we will be ordering t-shirts after the final day of the race.


Where can I view the results?

Every 1-3 days the Squam Ridge Race page on the SLA's website will be updated with the official times from Strava so that those who are not subscribed to Strava can view the results over the course of the two weeks. For those with a paid subscription to Strava, you can click here to look at the leaderboard.


How can I participate in the photo contest and what do I receive for having one of the top three photos?

You must be registered for the race to participate in the photo contest. You can register here. You can submit a maximum of three photos per registrant. Please only submit photos that are taken on the race course while you are running or hiking the race, we are unable to monitor this but are going to trust participants to follow this rule. Email the photograph(s) and your name to ridgerace2020@squamlakes.org. The SLA staff will vote on the top three photographs, whose photographers will each receive a limited edition 2020 Squam Ridge Race shirt. All photos received will be posted on SLA's Facebook page. The top three photos will be highlighted on SLA's social media accounts. By submitting a photo you agree to allow SLA to use your photos.


Will there be aid stations?

There will be no aid stations. Please pack all supplies you will need for your run/hike- including, but not limited to, food, water, extra clothing, a first aid kit, etc. 


Will the trails be cleared?

We will make sure the trails are cleared prior to the start date of Saturday, September 19. However, we cannot account for storms that occur during the race period which could cause obstructions of the trail that we are not able to immediately clear.


Will there be mile markers along the trail as in previous years?

Yes. The course will be marked such that every mile is indicated. There will also be yellow markers with arrows on them to indicate direction. On rocky areas there will be arrows taped on the rocks.


Where is the start/finish of the races located and where should I park?

The start/finish race is located on Burleigh Farm Road in Holderness, NH. There will be an area cleared and labeled specifically for parking. Please park perpendicular to the road. You must display this parking pass, which you can either print or receive with  your registration packet materials (to schedule a time to pick-up the registration packet from SLA please call 603-968-7336 or email ridgerace2020@squamlakes.org).


Is there a bathroom at the race start/finish?

Yes! There is a porta potty located across from the sugar shack on Old Highway. You can see the location by clicking here. 


How do I use Strava to track my time? 

Click here to view image instructions for Strava installation.

Click here to view image instructions for using Strava to track your time.

Important Note: If you do not start and end at the correct location Strava will not register your time. Make sure that you start on the correct side of the starting line. The maps below provide guidance for starting and ending at the correct location. To start the race you will run 3/4 of the way around the cow pasture and turn right onto True Farm Road. When finishing the race coming off of Old Highway you must do a full loop around the cow pasture to the finish line.

Course Map with Arrows and Detailed Start/Finish

Strava Segment Map

We recognize that sometimes tracking applications, such as Strava, glitch and fail to record times. Unfortunately, we cannot control these instances and will not accept competitive times that are not properly recorded or fail to upload due to a glitch. If this occurs, we will accept the time for the non-competitive results if you choose to email us your results and name at ridgerace2020@squamlakes.org.


For questions about the virtual 2020 Squam Ridge Race please email Katri Gurney, Director of Trails and Access, by emailing ridgerace2020@squamlakes.org or call 603-968-7336.



Past results and photos at bottom of page

The Squam Ridge Race is a 12.2 mile race traverses a majority of the Squam Range crossing three summits with amazing views of Squam Lake and the surrounding watershed with about 3000 feet of elevation gain. The race is mostly single track with 1.8 miles of pavement, 0.5 miles of dirt road, 1.3 miles of double track, and 8.6 miles of single track trail.  The path up to the top of Mount Percival is a challenge to runners with its many stone steps and rugged terrain, averaging a 15% grade for 1.8 miles. Anyone is welcome to run or just hike the route as a participant of the event.  You can view a map of the course by clicking here.

The 3 mile race climbs to the top of Mount Livermore and back to the start / finish area. Everyone is welcome to hike the route with friends and family or race as a participant of the event.

The Squam Ridge Race is a fundraising event, all proceeds from this event are to go back into the trails on which the race takes place and the rest of our 55 mile trail network. Top finishers in their division receive medals and the top overall finishers receive prizes.




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