Eastern Brook Trout in the Beebe River

Tuesday, July 18, 2017 - 7:00pm to 8:15pm

Event: The Future of Eastern Brook Trout in the Beebe River

Venue:  The Red Barn, 42 North Shore Rd, Habron, NH.

Cost: $5 for Audubon Members, $7 for Nonmembers

Date: 7/18/17

Time: 7 PM - 8:15 PM


Wild populations of Eastern Brook trout have been declining across their historic range. The Beebe River watershed (Campton and Sandwich, NH) possesses an intact, robust population of wild Brook trout. Recent private acquisition of the Beebe River uplands (5,435 acres) by The Conservation Fund includes the creation of a sustainable management plan focusing on preserving this unique population. During 2016, Plymouth State University and NH Fish and Game Department collected data to understand the impacts of habitat degradation and fragmentation caused by impassible, human-made barriers. In 2017, five undersized road crossings over headwater tributaries draining into the Beebe River will be replaced with bridges. This project is a unique opportunity to document and track restored habitat connectivity on the genetic structure, demographics, and movement patterns of a wild Brook trout population in northern New England.

Tyson Morrill is a first year MS Biology student at Plymouth State University focusing on innovative genetic and movement research on the impacts of undersized road crossings on wild Eastern brooktrout. Following his BS Wildlife Biology focus from Paul Smith’s College, his recent areas of study include human-wildlife interactions, wildlife diseases and damage mitigation across North America before his current focus on watershed-level population genetics and movement. Tyson resides in Gilmanton, NH but can frequently found at a family camp in Dummer, NH trout fishing or hunting.