Squam Speaker Series: Ridj-it - An Outdoor Adventure Platform

Wednesday, April 28, 2021 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm

Our Squam Speaker Series is held throughout the year on Wednesday evenings. Join us for this month's virtual talk on Wednesday, April 28th, to learn about Ridj-it. Carpooling with strangers to the woods was how the adventure began, but five years later, Ridj-it (pronounced “Ridge-it”) has become an entire outdoor adventure event platform where individuals, organizations, and businesses can post events and benefit from tools to help make their outings even better.

Hundreds of adventures, thousands of carpool rides, tens of thousands of dollars for charity plus even more for small businesses have occurred through Ridj-it in every state of New England for activities like hiking, biking, skiing, horseback riding, virtual events, and more. And the unifying concept behind all of it? Accessibility. 

Learn more about Ridj-it, why it’s pronounced the way it is, and how tech and innovation can drive accessibility to the outdoors for everyone.  REGISTER HERE!

About the Speaker:

Antonio (Ari) Iaccarino is the Co-founder of Ridj-it along with Rik Ganguly and Aleksandr Nikitin. Ari was formerly a teacher and lecturer in public schools, foundations, community colleges, and universities in Colombia, Spain, Illinois, and Massachusetts. These diverse experiences converged together after moving to Boston 9 years ago where he saw an incredible gap in accessibility in many sectors of daily life, but especially in the outdoors where no reliable transportation existed from the city to the mountains. 

In addition to Ari’s work with the Ridj-it team, he is also a content specialist for Withings, a French connected health technology company devoted to leveling the playing field for equitable access to healthcare monitoring. This same drive for a level playing field in healthcare inspires Ari in the belief that there are many amazing outdoor entities who, when working together, can overcome social, technological, and financial barriers so we can find and enjoy each other in the outdoors. 


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