Last updated 2/18/2021


2021 camping starts May 1st, it is entirely possible that the following information and guidelines will change. Continue to check back and check your emails.


Below are the policies and guidelines as of 2/18/2021.

For non-COVID-19 camping questions view "Frequently Asked Camping Questions" on our camping page. 

If camping closes due to COVID-19 you will be refunded.

Please check your emails (and spam folder) frequently for any updated camping information/policies.


COVID-19 Camping Information and Policies

The following decisions were made in accordance with the guidelines established by the Governor's task force and the CDC. We are strongly factoring in the safety and health of our campers, our staff, and the Lakes Region community as we make these decisions. If you or anyone in your group feels uncertain about camping please contact us (email or phone) to cancel your reservation, you will receive a full refund. The guidelines regarding camping were issued at the beginning of May and are updated following any new recommendations from the state or federal government. We are unsure if or when they will be lifted, but we will continue to remain up-to-date on the provided guidance as the summer progresses in order to provide our campers with any updates on our campsite policies and procedures.

Email Updates.

Campers will be notified via email with any updated information/policies. Check your spam folders as well.

New England

The language below uses the term New England repeatedly. New England is the collection of six (6) states located in the Northeastern region of the United States. These states include Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island.  

Who can camp?

In accordance with the Governor’s orders, camping on our facilities is open to New Hampshire residents, SLA members, and out-of-state guests. Please see the below Statement of Quarantine Form for more information. If you are not a resident of one of the following New England states: Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut or Rhode Island it is requested, per the Governor's orders, that you quarantine yourself for ten (10) days prior to entering New Hampshire. 


Residents of New England are not required to quarantine. Individuals outside of New England must quarantine for ten (10) days. You do not need to quarantine if: (1) you are fully vaccinated and are 14 days past the day of your second vaccine round; (2) You have previously tested positive for active COVID-19 infection (by PCR or antigen testing) in the last 90 days and have since tested negative (if you had a previous infection that was more than 90 days ago, you must still follow all quarantine requirements). Quarantine is defined by the state as only going out for essential items and when outside of the home maintaining social distancing and wearing face masks when within less than 6 feet of another person during this 10 day “quarantine.” Non-New England guests should be made aware at the time of the reservation of the need for this requirement and signature

Checking-In (all individuals camping).

Check in is the same as 2020. We will call you at the number provided the day of your arrival and ask you a series of questions which can be found below:

     1. Have you been in close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the last 14 days? 

     2. Are you experiencing any respiratory symptoms, including a runny nose, sore throat, cough, or shortness of breath? 

     3. Have you had a fever or felt feverish in the last 72 hours? 

     4. Are you experiencing any new muscle aches or chills? 

     5. Have you had any new changes in your sense of taste or smell? 

     6. If you answered yes to any of these questions, please do not put our employees and other guests at risk and come back another day when you feel better. Any deposit will be returned. 

     7. A version of this checklist should be included in reservation confirmations.   

Our Lakes Region Conservation Corps (LRCC) members check-in campers at the physical campsites as we have done in previous summers. The LRCC member checking you in will be wearing a facemask and will approach your campsite using the path leading up to the campsite but will not enter your campsite. They will talk to you at a distance for the purpose of receiving camper feedback and ensuring that campers are following SLA campsite rules provided on your reservation confirmation sheet.

Statement of Quarantine Form (Non New England Residents)

You will receive an email from camping@squamlakes.org containing updated information along with a Statement of Quarantine Form. Non-New England residents must complete and return this form the day before or day of your stay. As outlined by the Governor all registered non-New England guests must attest that they have quarantined at home for 10 days and sign the provided Statement of Quarantine Form and must provide a copy of their Driver's license as proof of residency; you may email a picture to camping@squamlakes.org.


Boat Rentals

Please check back later for more information.


Bathroom Facility Procedures

Due COVID concerns all SLA campsite bathrooms will have locks. Below you can find the combination code and directions for opening the locks. The main headquarters (534 US-RT 3, Holderness) will have a public porta-potty located next to the parking field. It is very likely the headquarters will remain closed to the public.

Campsite Bathrooms

We've also posted signage on the islands dictating that the bathrooms are closed. We are unable to clean the bathrooms with a frequency that ensures the safety and health of our staff or campers. The bathrooms, while closed to the public, are available for campers. Please use at your own risk.

Combination code: ((Will be emailed with the camping confirmation sheet and only to individuals who make a reservation))

Directions for opening lock:

The hypothetical combination for the lock is 0113. Put the code in so that it is the middle line on the padlock. Push the top of the u-shaped section of the padlock (the shackle) against the door and then pull to open the lock. When you are done using the bathroom please place the lock back on the door ensuring that the latch is closed and the door will be locked. To lock the padlock you must set the numbers to numbers different from the combination numbers and firmly push the lock closed.


We do not provide sanitary wipes or hand soap. Toilet paper is not guaranteed, so we ask that you bring your own.

Portable Toilet System

We have developed a protocol for a portable toilet system. The SLA is providing a 5 gallon bucket per campsite with a toilet lid attachment and a bag specifically designed for human waste. If you are interested in using a portable toilet please contact camping@squamlakes.org to coordinate pick-up and drop-off. When you pick up the portable toilet, the bag will be folded up on the bottom of the bucket. You will need to unfold the bag and set it into the bucket. The bucket will also contain a rock for the purpose of weighing down the bucket. Please do not remove the rock. You may want to consider bringing a tarp to set up a privacy shelter when using the portable toilet system.

When you're done camping please set the toilet system in the drop-off area determined when coordinating pick-up. Please make sure that the portable toilet bags are correctly zip-locked closed and remain inside the portable toilet bucket. Please do not leave the bags on the islands or place them anywhere outside the portable toilet system. As we mentioned in our previous email, we request that you please bring your own toilet paper and refrain from defecating directly on the forest floor.

A reminder to bring your own toilet tissue or sanitary napkins.