Loon Chick Watcher - Volunteer Sign UP!


Thank you for volunteering to protect loon families on Squam Lake! The Loon Chick Watching season will begin in late June 2018. 

Please find your preferred date, time below and Click this link to sign up for that shift.

There are 3 shifts to fill for each Watch Day. Shifts run from 11am-1pm, 1pm-3pm and 3pm-5pm. You are not required to commit to an entire shift, even an hour will help the loons! Please remember to fill out the Loon Chick Watch Volunteer Log available for download below.

For more information about this program, please email Melissa Leszek, SLA Community Engagement Coordinator, or call (603)968-7336 x11.

What Does A Loon Chick Watcher Do?

Before you head out for your first Loon Chick Watcher shift please Click Here to view a complete description of the duties and protocol for the position.

Loon Chick Watchers have three main responsibilities:

1. Protection: Loon Chick Watchers provide a buffer for a loon family with young. Just by hanging around in the area, at a safe distance from the loon family, motor boaters will be less likely to accidently disturb or run over the loons.   

2. Data Collection: Loon Chick Watchers will also fill out a data sheet designed to collect information about loon behavior and human interaction. This data can inform how loons and people are getting along as well as what we can do to promote a healthy habitat for loons.

3. Education: There are also opportunities to educate folks about the loons in the area. Often times those who love the loons most may be harming them by venturing too close to active nests and loon families. Raising this awareness can greatly improve a loon's ability raise their young. It is important to be curtious when interacting with other boaters on the lake. The Squam Lakes Associaton and the Loon Preservation Committee have brochures about loon behavior that Loon Chick Watchers are encouraged to distribute. You can find a copy by Clicking Here

Click Here for the Loon Chick Watcher Training Guide 

Click Here for the Loon Behavior Brochure 

Loon Chick Watch Partnership

SLA's Loon Chick Watch program is a partnering effort between the Squam Lakes Association and Loon Preservation Committeee. For more information on loons in New Hampshire, please visit the Loon Preservation Committee website or call (603) 476-5666

Where Do You Go to Watch?

Priority loon chick watching locations are based on where the successful breeding loon pairs are on the lakes. When it becomes available, this information can be found by contacting the Squam Lakes Association and/or will be emailed to you after signing up for a shift. Please keep these locations private to reduce the amount of visitation to these sites. If you have any questions, please contact Melissa Leszek, SLA's Community Engagement Coordinator, via email, or call at (603)968-7336 x16

Thank you for taking the time to care for Squam's loons!

Click Here to Sign Up for a Shift! 

Don't forget to fill out those Volunteer Logs! 

Click Here to fill out your Loon Chick Watch Volunteer Log online (mobile friendly)

See Your Choices Below:

Locations: There are several nesting locations we need coverage for. Please email Melissa Leszek to receive a list of locations. This is done to protect these nests from undergoing more pressure.

Shift 1: 11am - 1pm      
Shift 2: 1pm - 3pm
Shift 3: 3pm - 5pm

Weekends between: June 30th and September 2nd - 2018