Dive Days- Lakes Region Conservation Corps (Squam Lakes Association)

In the schedule the term Dive represents the variable milfoil management activities of the program. Most of our dives focus on the removal of variable milfoil and are in less than 20 feet of water. 

With Dive on the schedule you may spend part of the day topside, collecting milfoil pulled up by the divers, returning crayfish and mussels back to the lake, packing milfoil into bins for composting at our facility, watching for boats and other threats to our divers’ safety, or gathering milfoil fragments that broke off during removal activities. The day could also be spent snorkeling. We survey large sections of the lake in search of invasive plants that have avoided detection. They are then marked with a GPS unit for later removal.

Diving is hard work, and most dive days will be spent finding, collecting, and disposing invasive plants. Dive days are long (ten hours), and our divers jump in the water in almost all weather conditions (except during thunderstorms). Expect many cold dive days!

Other information on diving as an LRCC-SLA member:

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