Leave No Trace

Leave No Trace on Squam Lakes

Leave No Trace Outdoor Ethics logo

Plan Ahead and Prepare

• Know the area and what to expect
• Select appropriate equipment
• Repackage food to reduce litter


Leave What You Find

• Minimize shoreline and campsite alteration
• Avoid damaging live plants and trees


Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces

• Camp only at designated SLA campsites
• Always stay on the trails
• Concentrate impact on durable surfaces


Respect Wildlife

• Enjoy wildlife at a distance - at least 150 feet
• Avoid sensitive habitat areas
• Leave your pets at home


Properly Dispose of Waste

• Pack It In, Pack It Out
• Toilets are provided at Moon & Bowman Islands & NEFFA
• Disperse soap and food residues at least 200 feet from the lake


Be Considerate of Other Visitors

• Let nature's sound prevail
• Only land at public conservation areas
• Keep your group size small


Minimize Impact of Campfires

• Please use firewood provided (transported firewood can introduce exotic beetles and other harmful pests)
• Never leave a campfire unattended
• Bring a campstove for cooking