SLA Trails Closed for Mud Season 3/27/18

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Private Land Owners, and

Protecting the Resource

As of 3/27/18 - All Rattlesnake area, and Squam Range Trails have been closed.

It's with a glad heart that we ring in the Spring season. The need to get out in the fresh air and sunshine draws many outdoors. However it's important to be patient with our trail system.

In order to protect the trails, the SLA, in conjunction with the landowners who graciously allow the public access these areas, have temporarily closed our trail system. This includes but is not limited to the Rattlesnake, Morgan, and Percival trails and trailhead parking lots, until they have had a chance to dry up and harden. 

Icy trail beds force some people to walk on the soft mud along side. The trails widen, soils get washed away exposing tree roots and rocks, causing rocks to become dislodged and trees to weaken then fall creating more erosion and so on. This leads to hazardous trails, expensive maintenance, even trail closures.

As soon as it dries up we will send out a notice. Thank you for your patience.

Which trails are closed? 

  • Rattlesnake Network (Old Bridle Path, West & East Rattlesnake) 
  • Squam Range
    • Mt. Morgan Trail
    • Mt. Percival Trail
    • Doublehead Mountain Trail
    • Cotton Mountain Trail
    • Crawford Ridgepole Trail (all sections) 

If you just have to hike, and who doesn't when the weather is glorious, here are some alternative trails that remain open! 

Interested in the trails? Sign up and become part our network of trail maintainers! Click Here for more information.

Trails Closed! 3/27/18