2017 Annual Meeting

3:30 pm Registration

4:00 pm Business Meeting

5:00 pm Social

Agenda for Meeting:

1. Receive Reports

2. Elect the Following:

For Officers (one-year term):

Bob Lucic, President

Barry Gaw, 1st Vice President

Carolyn Tolles, 2nd Vice President

Sandy Harris, Treasurer

Sue Smith, Secretary

For Directors (three-year term)

Lyle Fulkerson

2014 Active Boat Census

The active census, conducted on Squam since 1988, is a measure of all boats in active use which includes those physically moving and those which are obviously engaged in some form of water-based recreation but not necessarily moving. New this year, we are conducting an aerial census at the same time as our regular volunteer-run boating census so we can compare the results on the water with what's seen from the sky.

Read about the results of the boat counts from previous years in the Squam Watershed Assessment Report.


There are so many ways to enjoy the Squam Lakes Watershed!

The Squam Lakes Association hosts many exciting events, volunteer opportunities, guided hikes, and guest speakers throughout the year. Led by staff and/or local experts, we encourage members and non-members to join us. Registration is often requested, as some events have limited space. Click on the event you wish to attend for details!

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Beyond a Hiking Stick Workshop with Joshua Hill

Have you ever seen someone hiking and marveled at their hiking stick or are curious about making your own? Local resident, Joshua Hill, will share his experience creating hiking sticks as well as the unexpected benefits from hiking with one. This workshop will literally walk you through each step from finding the "just right" stick, harvesting the branch, to using it on the trails. You will get to try your hand at shaving, carving, and sanding. Feel free to drop in anytime during the workshop and stay for as long or as little as you like.


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