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The Lure of Squam

by Donna Bunnell

​The lure of Squam is waking to the cry of a loon,

the pull and fight of a three pound bass,

and the perfect placement of mountains and islands.

It's the lake's simple way of making you realize,

with every breath of fresh air,


life is good!

"The simple, natural beauty of Squam Lake is represented in this photo where one of my many favorite things to do at the lake is to sit on the dock, in the morning summer sun, reading a good book or devotional and enjoying a mug of tea.  And a very large part of the beauty is more than seeing but is in knowing that the water just beneath me is so clear and clean."

- Mark De Lisio

"The Squam Lakes watershed means so much to me as a former conservation intern. It is here where I got my first glimpse of underwater life as a SCUBA diver hunting for variable milfoil. It was exhilarating to be in a position where I was able to watch our progress in aquatic invasive species management over an entire summer. Additionally, hiking through the woods of the area always promised to yield a new experience and a worthwhile view of Squam Lake. I will always cherish the three months I spent there, and will look back on my experience with fondness."

-Gio Senes, SCI 2016

"Our home is on the channel looking out at the “Big Lake”. We feel so blessed to look out on Squam every morning as we arise with the sun. We named our home “Mendota” which is a Dakota Sioux word meaning “where the waters meet”. Squam Lake is such a unique treasure. We need to keep it that way."

                            -Bob Snelling                                                                                                                      

"The trails and it's mountain ranges gives me so much! It heightens my senses, gives me joy, peace, solitude; nothing can bother me when I'm on the trails. This is why I got involved with the SLA. I am forever grateful for what the SLA provides. This is my church. No other way to describe it."  

-Kristine Reardon​

“I was drawn the Squam and Sandwich Range area many years ago when I drove along RT 113. I immediately saw and felt the pride in protecting the natural landscape which resonated with me. The shorefront and views are the prettiest of all the large lakes in the state because of the collaboration with the town and SLA to develop sustainable plans. It is evident the SLA educational initiatives and programs are well received by the community. As a botanist, I love recreating in this area and discovering the rich biodiversity deep in the mountains on a hike, and also enjoying a relaxing paddle - watching osprey, quirky and humorous cormorants, eagles, belted king fishers, and listening to the loons call to each other as the sky turns soft blue and pink during a warm summers night sun set. The Squam area is one of the healthiest environments around, not only for sustaining it's magnificent flora and fauna, but also for nurturing the soul.”

–Kathie Fife


“I am grateful for the Wildness…the solitude…quiet times…allowing me the chance to see and hear so many birds and animals….On Squam I can wake up in the morning hearing at least a dozen different birds.  Sometimes in distress, as a Hawk tries to invade another’s nest or the Loons warn of the Eagle on an overhead recon mission…fascinating!

And so many mornings I look out, the sun rising behind me, when exactly between 7:00 to 7:15 AM the opposite shoreline is cast in Gold…so briefly, only 15 minutes but it is a gift of sheer beauty and the glow makes me happy, warm inside and thankful.

Why? How? …can Squam provide so much more than others…to me it’s the gift of being discreet, a “culture” if you will, of those who live here… subtlety, morning quiet, smaller boats and motors, houses set back into the woods…all trying to blend with nature rather than stand out against her. It allows my senses to see and hear so much more.

Squam has brought me into her fold…I’m engaged and I try my best to spread the wealth…there is so much to learn in her wildness…every season has taken me through life and death…life’s cycles…and all have served to help me understand and accept both joy and despair and continue to live and renourish my soul.”

                                                                  -Bev Lafoley                                                                                                                  


 "There are many beautiful moments here on Squam. Providing educational opportunities such as learning to fish, first camping trips and pointing sails into the wind are significant moments that bring me joy in knowing we are laying the foundation for the next generation to have a meaningful relationship with the natural world."

- Jenne Walker, SLA Director of Education


 "Teaching children about the natural world should be seen as one of the most important events in their lives."

- Thomas Berry