2018 Squam Ridge Race Volunteers

          Volunteers Needed!

         6th Annual Squam Ridge Race
      Sunday, September 30th

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Check out the list of volunteer opportunities below! Different time slots are available for many positions. 

Day(s) Before: Trail Cleanup and Race Marking September 24th - 29th

Day Before: Race Set Up on September 29th

Registration Table

     Shifts still open! Click Here to sign up
     Be there to register Ridge Racers who still want to sign up as well as check in registered Ridge Racers.                                                                    This is where all the action starts and ends! 

     Where: At the starting line! (Burleigh Farm Rd) 
     When:  7-10am

Aid Stations

     Shifts still open! Click Here to sign up
     Three Aid Stations located along the route will need volunteers to pass out water, snacks         and encouragement to Ridge Racers. Spend some time enjoying the peace and beauty of         the Squam Range while lending a helping hand. Always a good time! Racers will love           you for it!

Aid Station 1: Parking lot of Mt. Morgan Trail head

Aid Station 2: Junction between Mt. Morgan Trail and Crawford Ridgepole Trail
     Shift 1  8am-12:30pm
     Shift 2  12:30-4:30pm

Aid Station 3: Junction between Old Mountain Rd and The Crawford Ridgepole Trail
     Shift 1  9:30am-1:30pm
     Shift 2  1:30-5:30pm

Race Timers

     Shifts still open! Click Here to sign up
     We need official time keepers at the Start/Finish line (Burleigh Farm Rd) to track Ridge Racer’s race times. You’ll be right         in the action when it happens! There are a number of different shifts available! Choose the best time for you.

     Shift 1: 10-12pm
     Shift 2: 12-2pm
     Shift 3: 2-4pm
     Shift 4: 4-6pm

     *Note: We will need at least 4 time keepers per shift! Sign Up for a couple or a few and          enjoy the excitement at the finish line!

Cooking & Food Preparation

     Shifts still open! Click Here to sign up
     Jump on the grill, set up tables, bring out the feast!  

     Shift 1: 10-12pm
     Shift 2: 12-2pm
     Shift 3: 2-4pm
     Shift 4: 4-6pm

First Aid Tent 

     Shifts still open! Click Here to sign up

     Be on stand by at the First Aid Tent to deliver basic medical care to racers and event goers.



This is a great event for a great cause. Hope to see you on race day!

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