Squam Rangers

The Squam Rangers program began in 2012 to encourage those interested to “Hike the Trails”; $50 for 50 Miles. As of 2018, there are close to 180 Squam Rangers and 33 have completed all 50 miles. 

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Many assume that SLA’s focus is on the lakes, but our mission also encompasses the entire watershed surrounding the lakes. For the past 84 years the SLA has maintained a 50 mile network of hiking trails in the Squam Watershed and is one of the prides of the Association. With 25,000 to 30,000 annual hikers on Rattlesnakes’ Old Bridle Trail alone, maintenance is a daunting task. The SLA performs over 2,500 hours of trail construction and maintenance each year through our Squam Conservation Interns, professional trail crew and volunteer Trail Adopters. Your $50 initiation fee will help offset our cost of maintaining the trails.

The trails are located on the Squam Range and its surrounding mountains providing spectacular views of Squam Lake and its entire watershed. The Squam Ranger program has organized the trails in a Trail Log to promote ease in completing all 50 miles of the 26 trails. There are hikes of varying lengths and challenges. Many treks are child friendly (and dog friendly!) and we encourage you to make these hikes a family adventure. By joining the Squam Rangers you receive: a T shirt, back pack and Squam Trail Guide and Trail Log; upon completion of hiking all 26 trails you receive: a Squam Ranger baseball cap, a Squam Ranger patch and Squam Ranger Completion Certificate. The first 50 to complete all 26 trails will become Charter Members of the Squam Rangers.



Hike the Trails - have FUN!  We look forward to celebrating the completion of your journey and hope you will share your experience with others and encourage them to become a Squam Ranger.

The Squam Rangers program costs $50 for an adult, $90 for a couple and $30 for someone under 16 years old.

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