What is Whitten Woods?

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Whitten Woods is a 414-acre property on Highland Street in Ashland, NH, named for the well-known story of Reuben Whitten, who in 1816 fed his neighbors during global trying times (see story here). Located less than a mile from the center of town and the elementary school, this property has the potential to feature Squam’s first network of multi-use trails. The property ranges in elevation from 700 feet at the road, to the peak at 1,170 feet, featuring remarkable views across the length of both Little Squam and Big Squam Lakes, and up and down the Pemigewasset River Valley.     

Conservation of Whitten Woods will help maintain Squam’s scenic landscape and diverse wildlife habitat, while protecting the water quality of the Squam and Pemigewasset watersheds, and contributing to the local economy by ensuring the land remains a working forest.

The project is a collaborative effort between Ashland residents, the Ashland Conservation Commission, New England Forestry Foundation (NEFF), the Squam Lakes Conservation Society (SLCS) and the Squam Lakes Association (SLA).  Now that the New England Forestry Foundation and the Squam Lakes Conservation Society own the property, the Squam Lakes Association is beginning the process of design and implementation of the public trail system.  

Whitten Woods has been endorsed by many local residents, boards and commissions including the Ashland Conservation Commission,  Ashland Select Board, Ashland Economic Development Committee, Ashland Planning Board, Ashland Historical Society, Ashland Area Recreation Association, Ashland Garden Club, and the Ashland HEAL Steering Committee. With public trails and ongoing forest management, the permanent protection of Whitten Woods is a tremendous asset to the Lakes Region community. 

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