LRCC- Winter Experience

Past LRCC-SLA Winter Program Experiences

After serving with the Lakes Region Conservation Corps, AmeriCorps members have a lot to say about their experience with the SLA. Here are some of their reflections. Read more about the the AmeriCorps experience in the Conservation Journal.

"I love how we were able to work on a wide range of projects and were given the opportunity to work independently and as a part of a team. I really enjoyed doing trail work and doing water quality both out on open water and on the ice. I really loved running educational programs and working with volunteers. I have learned so much from this service term. I loved the work environment and all the people at the SLA. I feel like I gained valuable skills and have become confident in my abilities as an aspiring conservation professional. "

"We were doing something different every day at work, spent lots of time outside, learned lots of new skills (chainsaws, ice safety, trail work, general tool/life knowledge), and got to serve in a very open and collaborative learning environment in which I felt that we were truly valued as members of the staff. Senior staff members care what we think."

"LRCC members should expect to be challenged with experiences and responsibilities in ways that they might not expect. Through it all though, expect to have a great time and come out of it a wholly more capable and skilled person."

"My time as an LRCC member really opened my eyes to how rewarding it can be to do service with a non-profit organization. The amount of difference a small group of people with a mission can make in a community, and the amount the community can in turn support such groups is awesome."

"Before this program, I had no idea that working in the conservation field required such across the board competency, the necessity to think on your feet, a tireless persistency no matter who stands in your way and the ability to create your own solutions to a myriad of problems. This program showed me these things from the first day, and I feel much more prepared for the professional world as a whole." 

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